How can I make the most of my business using all connected possibilities? Recognize provides the answer to this question and helps you digitalise your manual processes. We refer to this as digital transformation. Digital transformation often saves both time and money. Employees no longer need to manually input orders in a system or keep planning schedules up to date on paper. They will work more efficiently, and have the time to tackle more challenging and creative work.

Digitalisation of manual processes takes place in three phases: plan, build and run. The total turnaround time is minimum three, and maximum twelve months. During the first phase, plan, we undertake a sprint zero to discover exactly how digitalisation can contribute to your business. We do so by mapping out business processes, for instance by interviewing you and your staff.

This phase ends in an advisory report containing:

  • A storyboard showing all the components of the digital solution recommended
  • Construction drawings, so-called wireframes, of the digital solution we recommend
  • Drawings of the design of the digital solution recommended
  • A quotation including a clear planning of the hours involved

Once the first phase is completed and the IT solution contributing most to your business has been chosen, it’s time for the build and run phases. We will then build the individual parts of your IT solution in two-week sprints. With your specific solution as the end result.

Some examples are:

  • Configurators with which clients can make their own designs, and orders can be taken directly into production
  • Apps that take away the need for field staff to complete paperwork once and for all