Online grocery shopping, sharing photos from your smartphone at the touch of a button and working with colleagues on joint files. Can you imagine life without the internet? It has become a basic necessity. There is an entire network of telecom cables underground, so we can share and store internet data. The design and management of such telecom networks requires great expertise and is very labour intensive. Our engineers are technical heroes who do just that.

Recognize helps network operators with, for example:

  • Mapping, organising and digitalisation of telecom networks.
  • Registration of new telecom networks in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Design and development of software for the automation of telecom networks.
  • Compliance with legislation on the exchange of information above ground and in underground grids and networks (Wet informatie-uitwisseling bovengrondse en ondergrondse netten en netwerken, WIBON). This legislation requires all network operators to have stored the data on their networks digitally and centrally in GIS by 2027.

Do you want some more information about engineering? Don’t hesitate and read our case about a cleaner fibre-optic network.