Software is a vague concept for many people, but in fact it is very simple and concrete. Put simply, it is the program behind your website, app or digital platform. Recognize designs and builds such software. We refer to that as software design & development.

Software is designed and built in three phases: plan, build and run. The total turnaround time is minimum three, and maximum twelve months. During the first phase; plan, we undertake a sprint zero to determine software that will contribute to the business. We do so, for instance, by interviewing you and your staff.

The end result after this phase is an advisory report containing:

  • A storyboard showing all the components of the digital solution recommended
  • Construction drawings, so-called wireframes, of the digital solution we recommend
  • Drawings of the design of the digital solution recommended
  • A quotation including clear planning of the hours involved

Once the first phase is completed and the IT solution contributing most to your business has been chosen, it’s time for the build and run phases. We will then build the individual parts of your IT solution in two-week sprints. With your specific solution as the end result.

Some examples are:

  • Digital platforms where demand meets supply
  • Digital environments where clients can safely store their data
  • Configurators with which clients can make their own designs, and orders can be taken directly into production
  • Custom-made web shops