Recognize is the connector of business and IT. Your question is our starting point. And on that basis, you and our Agile team will find the best digital solution together. In other words: the end goal. Achieved thanks to a set working process, designed around three phases: plan, build and run.




In order to realise the best possible digital solution, the question must first be clearly defined. While that may sound obvious, it most certainly is not. That question forms the starting point of our work and the basis for the entire process. We therefore start by getting to grips with the question in the plan phase. During a sprint zero, we map out your wishes and requirements in a structured manner. Your objectives and target groups are the central focus here. We also take the time to get to know your organisation, using interviews for example. We are convinced that this results in a relationship based on trust. And that relationship is a must for what we are about to develop.

The result of the sprint zero is an advisory report, containing:

  • A storyboard showing all the components of the digital solution recommended
  • Construction drawings, so-called wireframes, of the digital solution we recommend
  • Drawings of the design of the digital solution recommended


Is the question completely clear? Good! Then we can continue with the build phase. In other words: the development phase. Your involvement and input in this process are essential. We do not build for our clients, but with our clients. In one or more Agile teams, we develop the best digital solution in two-week sprints.

You will receive regular updates, so you know where we are at and are able to check whether we are still on the right track. If need be, we can make adjustments.

Each team consists of:

  • Product owner
  • Software architect
  • Lead developer / scrum master
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • UX / UI Designers
  • Testers


Following the development phase, the big moment arrives: the digital solution goes live. Will we then sit back and wait? Definitely not. During the run phase, we proactively maintain your brand-new solution. What’s more, our support department is there for you in case of any unexpected hitches. You have access to a client-friendly support portal for this purpose, where you can pass on any questions and problems you may encounter. As soon as you do so, support department colleagues will do their very best to resolve the issue right away. If they cannot do so, the development team will be called in.

Would you like us to keep an eye on things for you? Then we suggest you take out a maintenance contract. We then host and monitor the digital solution and take immediate action in case of incidents.