Shopping online, sharing photos from your smartphone at the touch of a button and working on files with colleagues at the same time. It is impossible to imagine society without the Internet. It is a basic necessity.

To exchange and store data over the Internet, there are networks of telecom cables under the ground. At Engineering, we are primarily responsible for designing and managing these telecom networks. This is our strength. With this, we relieve our customers.

Designing and managing a telecom network is done in three phases: pre-engineering, work preparation, and after-engineering. In pre-engineering, we map a region and investigate what the most favorable design is. Once the design is approved, work preparation follows. Here we arrange permits and provide a digital work folder. This way, the engineer has all documents at hand to start construction. In the final phase, we process the engineer’s feedback and sign off on all the final dates.

This makes it clear to everyone where we have placed which cables and meets the legal requirement to store everything digitally and centrally. Whether it is a network of coax, copper, or fiberglass. A placement below ground, just above ground, or even on the roof. We can design and manage it all. We are currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Greece.

Are you curious about what we do?

Then take a look at the following cases:

  • KPN’s case is about how our team contributes to a cleaner fiber network.
  • The case of Deutsche Glasfaser on how our team controls datasets.