What are Power Apps?

By deploying Power Apps, you can build your own applications in a short time, even if you are not a programmer. By the way, you must be an Office 365 user.

Creating a Power App can basically be done by anyone when the application does not get too complicated and it can serve as a nice starting point for an initiative that can be developed further. For example, think of simple actions that occur frequently or you have implemented various business processes in forms, Excel, or mail traffic. You can also, for example, improve productivity in your Office 365 environment by deploying Power Apps. But what if the Power App becomes the solution for team-transcending issues? IT no longer has visibility into the apps or flows. Or do you want to discontinue the application? Then it’s convenient to have to Recognize look on board during the further development of the Power App. We can think along with you from the first moment or we can further develop an existing initiative.

What can we
do for you?

Our experience with customer development and the Power Platform allows us to make a good assessment of what we can solve something with.


We can build from reusable app templates and components for a unified user experience. Developments around the Power Platform are also moving fast. Therefore, we make sure that loose initiatives and applications do not arise all over the organizations. Rather, we collect the knowledge together in a community.


We monitor the overview of the developed apps and thus we avoid duplicate apps and we can also reuse things.

Power Platform

Developing a Power App is a smart choice when the UX design has no specific requirements to improve ease of use or if the users of the application are internal. If your application users are external or anonymous, then developing a Power App may not be the right solution. We are happy to look with you to see what we can do for you.


A Power App can handle data and calculations well, even when there are regulatory requirements. However, if the application needs to process a large data set or complex calculations then we do not recommend developing a Power App. Want to know more about this? Feel free to contact us.


For simple actions that occur frequently such as processing contact information in a CRM or reserving company assets, developing a Power App is sufficient. When mission-critical business applications need to be developed, it is wise not to deploy Power Apps. Do you want to know which digital solution fits your needs? Let’s connect and we will gladly help you.

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Interesting! We would be happy to check with you to see if the Power Platform is the solution to your issue. Fill out the digitization request form and we will contact you soon!