3D Configurator
for refrigeration and freezer cells.


Sprint 0, process optimization, 3D visualization, integration with ERP system


Isomasters concentrates the over 45 years of experience of Isocab and Isobar in producing modular refrigeration and freezer cells and isothermal doors and accessories. The goal is to develop a configurator that allows end customers to configure their own modular refrigeration cell and receive a quote with a 3D visualization instantly. Recognize has customized a configurator for this purpose.

With the configurator, end customers can design their own refrigeration cell, view prices, and place orders directly. Subsequently, the data entered by the customer will be used to control the production process.


Isomasters’ wish was to develop a configurator that allows end customers to configure their own modular cold room, and receive a quote including a 3D visualization. As a result, the production process also needs to be partially automated.

Recognize and assembled a scrum team to implement the digital solution. Based on interviews and visits to the factory, Recognize quickly familiarized themselves with the business. The end customer of Isomasters was crucial in this case. Recognize took on the challenge of creating a somewhat complex product in a super simple configurator that anyone can operate.

During the design phase, all findings were elaborated in a storyboard with wireframes; a kind of blueprint of the solution. The products, 3D visualization, calculation models, and integration with the e-commerce system were included in the digital solution, and Recognize presented the outcome. A 3D configurator is placed in the existing webshop, allowing the end customer to configure and order a refrigeration or freezer cell themselves.

Photo: Isomasters

Photo: Isomasters


Time to start developing the proposed solution! In close collaboration with Isomasters and their webshop supplier, a customized configurator is being created.

All calculation models and options were incorporated into the configurator. Meanwhile, all products were developed in 3D so that the end customer can see exactly what they are ordering.

During the development phase, involvement is important. Isomasters met with the scrum team every two weeks to review how the sprint had gone, what was planned, and of course, to ensure we were on the right track.

After an intense collaboration, the digital solution was delivered. The result: a 3D configurator that reduces the lead time from several weeks to just a few minutes. This is a first for Isomasters.

Video: Isomasters


After the development phase, the moment arrives: the digital solution is delivered. Isomasters notices that the use of the configurator saves time for the Sales and CAD departments, allowing them to focus even more on larger projects that are often much more complex technically.

Isomasters’ customers are also enthusiastic about the configurator. RdR Koeltechniek, a customer of Isomasters, has won more projects thanks to the Isomasters Cold Room Configurator:

“I am very excited about the Isomasters Cold Room Configurator and use it at least several times a week. The online sales tool allows me to quickly interact with the client.”

“I really like that I can calculate the price for a cell directly with the Isomasters Cold Room Configurator. I can even do this while the client is sitting next to me. Thanks to the configurator, I can immediately respond to him: if he asks me for a price, I can provide it just 3 minutes later!

Furthermore, the attractive 3D visualization gives the client a clear picture of his cell. Turning on and off the inside and outside of the cell, provides the client with a clear image of the remaining internal space next to the door, for example, for shelving racks. This helps us to provide our customers with even better advice, which is appreciated and allows us to win more projects.”

According to René van Rooij, RdR Koeltechniek B.V.


Bert de Spiegelaere — ICT manager

"Together with the customer, we mainly achieve significant time savings in our process. The previous process of inquiry>quotation>order intake>drafting office>customer approval>order planning has been reduced to just a few minutes."


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