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Storyboard, architectural overview, UI/UX design, mobile first, webshop


Kruidvat offers a daycare service in the Netherlands. The Kruidvat Daycare Service (KDS) provides Kruidvat’s own-brand products of top quality at competitive prices, as well as A-brands. Over five years ago, Kruidvat approached Recognize with the request to develop a high-quality custom webshop for the Kruidvat Daycare Service. This marked the beginning of a sustainable collaboration with multiple further developments for the custom webshop.


For realizing the best digital solution, first and foremost, the question must be clear. This may sound like stating the obvious, but nothing could be further from the truth. The question is the starting point for us and the basis for the entire journey we are embarking on together. That is why we thoroughly investigate the question during the design phase.

The start of this phase with Kruidvat was kicked off with the following desire: to develop a high-quality bespoke webshop in a short timeframe and successfully launch it.

The development team at Recognize meticulously analyzes Kruidvat’s initial requirements. An MVP was determined. An MVP encompasses the minimum functionalities of a website. This allowed us to move quickly and further develop it later. Naturally, Kruidvat’s branding and ease of ordering for the end user were also taken into account.


The first webshop was built from scratch. A good starting point! Over the past few years, we have continued to develop the Kruidvatkids webshop even further. A complete redesign has taken place and the functionalities of the webshop have been expanded. Customers of the Kruidvatkids webshop can now easily find the products. Additionally, the web design has been fully optimized for mobile users. The webshop has been further improved by implementing a mobile-first approach.

Due to the new developments, the number of orders has increased and user-friendliness has improved. This allows customers to place orders efficiently. Regular meetings are held with Kruidvat to discuss new features for the Kruidvatkids webshop. In this way, we jointly ensure that we continuously improve the webshop.


After the development phase, the moment arrives: the digital solution is delivered. But do we then sit back and relax? Certainly not! In the run phase, we proactively maintain the developed solution. At this moment, there is still active brainstorming about new developments or adjustments. Every week, a meeting takes place to ensure we keep up the momentum together.



Hedy Izaks - ter Haar — Commercieel Manager at Kruidvat Kinderdagverblijf Service

"Typical of Recognize? Short lines that allow you to switch quickly. Recognize comes up with pragmatic ideas. In short, we have experienced this as a pleasant collaboration for over 5 years!"


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