A custom-made
3D Configurator.

Snoei bv. 

Project strategy, UX research, UI/UX design, process optimization


A custom configurator has been created for Snoei. With the configurator, end customers can design their own warehouse, view the quote instantly, and place an automatic order. The configurator includes a fully automated pricing calculation module. This configurator can also be deployed as a white-label solution through Snoei’s dealer network.


Snoei produces sheds. They do this by using one system, which keeps costs low and quality high. Snoei wanted to develop a configurator to support dealers both nationally and internationally.

To make the right digitalization progress, we went through sprint 0 together. Recognize and investigated Snoei’s ordering process. Additionally, the desire was to keep the configurator as simple as possible. The use of text had to be minimized, and a 1600-line Excel file needed to be examined and converted into logical code.

Recognize started working with all the findings. The idea? A configurator that allows end customers to design themselves and orders can be immediately put into production.


The scrum team delivered a small part of the configurator every other week. Snoei and Recognize were in contact during each sprint to align all developments.

Recognize and developed a custom configurator for Snoei. The configurator contains built-in logic that allows for quick calculation of prices, for example for steel. There were around 60,000 pricing rules that were converted into the configurator’s software.

The text has been omitted and instead, the configurator is built up of icons. By using the configurator, end customers can now design their own shed, view the quote directly through the automated price calculation module, and automatically place an order. Furthermore, the configurator can be utilized as a white-label solution by Snoei’s dealer network.


At the moment, Snoei is busy rolling out the digital solution within the organization.

During this phase, we will discover how the configurator is embraced by the dealers. Additionally, Recognize’s support team is, of course, ready to assist Snoei.


Hans Boer — Director J. Snoei B.V.

"What a professional approach and power this team has! The collaboration has given me a lot of energy and inspiration in this process and led to the first success."


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