Configurator simplifies
design and production of dormers.


Sprint 0, Process strategy, UI/UX design, 3D engine 


UNILIN, the manufacturer of PIR insulation boards and self-supporting roof elements, was spending a lot of time designing dormers. This could be done better, faster, and with fewer errors, Unilin thought. Recognize came up with a proposal and got to work. The result? A configurator that simplifies the design and production of dormers.


How can we simplify and speed up the design of our dormers? With that question, Unilin knocked on Recognize’s door. The system Unilin employees used to design dormers was unclear. The designers regularly had to request a lot of additional information from colleagues and customers during the design process. This resulted in errors.

The desire: a digital solution to reduce the number of errors, work faster and offer clarity to customers.

To realize the digital solution, Recognize put together a Scrum team. The project was kicked off with sprint 0 in which the business challenge was thoroughly investigated. It turned out that Unilin’s customers often did not understand the design of a dormer. Moreover, Unilin was facing a shortage of designers.

All findings were worked out by Recognize into a storyboard with wireframes; a kind of blueprint of the solution. The wireframes were developed into a design so Unilin could experience the look and feel. The scrum team presented the solution: an online configurator that allows customers to easily and quickly design and order their own dormers.


Recognize and built the configurator completely custom. The configurator has three unique features. First, customers see their design in 3D. If they change something while designing, they see the change reflected directly in their design.

In addition, all the calculation rules that a design must meet are incorporated into the configurator. Prices are linked to those rules, so customers can see how much the dormer will cost while designing.

Finally, the configurator is linked to UNILIN’s production chain. This means that the drawings for production, the packing list, and an order summary for the customer are created automatically. Also, a BTL file with the saw cuts is created automatically. Employees can load this into the sawing machine. In this way, production is partially automated.

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