User-friendly and conversion-focused
digital platform for luxurious, handmade shirts.

Velloro Napoli

Project strategy, UX research, UI/UX design, coding,
content strategy.


Luxurious, handmade shirts that stand out from all others due to their refined details. That’s what Velloro creates. Velloro approached Recognize to conceive, design, and develop a digital platform, including a configurator that allows consumers to design and order shirts online.


Different fabrics, patterns, collars, and buttons. Velloro offers consumers a range of design options for their shirts. As a requirement, the organization stipulated that all possibilities should be incorporated into a digital solution. Recognize assembled a Scrum team to realize this solution, and the project was divided into various phases, called sprints.

In the design phase, Recognize determined the strategy. What are the objectives of the digital platform? Who is the target audience? What is needed to achieve the objectives?

During the sprint review, which followed after the first sprint, Recognize presented the strategy and a storyboard with a sketch for the brand-new digital platform. The sprint review is a kind of foundation from which you continue working, the basis of the application.

The idea was to build a webshop and configurator separately and connect them to Magento. Velloro had previously expressed their intention to work with Magento, an existing e-commerce platform with which they were already familiar.


During the development phase, Recognize actually starts working with the proposed solution. Velloro’s product consists of custom-made items, so consumers can choose from a wide range of options for their final product. All possibilities had to be incorporated into the configurator. Recognize and built a special algorithm for this purpose. Photos and prices were linked to all options, so consumers know exactly what their design will look like and how much it will cost.

In addition to the configurator, Recognize built the webshop using Magento. Normally, Recognize develops custom software. The existing e-commerce platform was new, and Recognize and Velloro carefully researched whether this was indeed the right choice. Recognize wants to make sure that high-quality software is delivered.

Ultimately, Recognize connected the webshop and the configurator and developed a solution that allows both platforms to communicate effectively with each other. The result: a user-friendly and conversion-focused digital platform.

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In Naples, they are amazed by the digital platform. It’s remarkable to see how we can make such great progress with a digital tool like this. We provide tailor-made solutions, it is user-friendly, and consumers still have plenty of options.

Meanwhile, we can work efficiently on the ordered shirts in our factory. A great example of digital transformation, according to Velloro.


"No fuss, people who think along, speed and clear communication. That is Recognize in a nutshell. After a pleasant collaboration, the result is a customized platform as intended. Very happy with it!"


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