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How can we provide digital support for employees on the building site? That was the question put by the Infra division of VolkerWessels to Recognize. The know-how and expertise of all the infrastructure companies within the group is accumulated in the Infra division. This division is responsible for large infrastructure projects, and requested Recognize’s support in digitalisation. The objective: to simplify administrative processes for employees and to speed up our service to the customer. The result? A digital platform which consists of a app, a website and a management system.


The Infra division has six operating companies: KWS Infra, VolkerRail, Vialis, Infra Competence Centre, Volker Stevin Materieel and Van Hattum en Blankevoort. Each operating company has its own methods and systems. This also meant that there were a lot of apps causing ambiguity.

In order to effectively digitalise the entire division, we ran sprint zero together. During the sprint, various interviews showed that the greatest impact could be made on quality assurance. Here many paper forms and five different apps were used in order to guarantee quality during infra projects. The idea was to create a single platform to ensure quality and maintenance: AssetCheck.



It’s time to develop the digital solution AssetCheck. Every two weeks, the team delivered part of the app and management interface. In turn, this was tested by a working group, while various employees participated in pilots. The end users are very important in this stage of development.

Around nine months later, there it was: Assetcheck went live! In the new app, employees can find all the forms they need to guarantee quality during projects. Once completed, forms are automatically sent to the appropriate location or persons. An excellent result!

The digital platform which consists of a app, website and management system has a professional and recognizable appearance, which means that employees know exactly how to use the platform. Besides the functionality, all this results in a quicker completion of a project.


Replaced systems
Duration of the project
9 months


AssetCheck is currently being implemented and developed further within the division. In the near future, employees will also be able to complete asset maintenance forms in the app. Later on, they will also be able to conduct inspections using the app. A great example of how smart technology can boost cooperation and improve the workflow.


Mark Bruijnen — Information Management Manager

“Typical of Recognize? Open and transparent. During the project, a true bond of trust developed, we really became a team.”


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