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VolkerWessels Infra

Project strategy, UX research, UI/UX design, process optimization


How can we provide digital support to employees at construction sites? With this question, the Infrastructure division of Volkerwessels approached Recognize. This division combines the knowledge and expertise of all infrastructure companies within the construction company.

The division carries out large-scale infrastructure projects and asked Recognize for assistance in a digitalization process. The goal was to simplify administrative processes for employees and be able to assist customers more quickly. The result? One digital platform consisting of an app, website, and management system.


The Infra division of VolkerWessels consists of six operating companies: KWS, VolkerRail, Vialis, Infra Competence Centre, Volker Stevin Materieel, and Van Hattum en Blankevoort. Each operating company has its own way of working and its own systems. This also meant that there were many apps in circulation, which caused a lot of confusion.

To make the right digitization progress for the entire division, we went through sprint 0 together. During the sprint, it became apparent from various interviews that we could have the most impact in the field of quality assurance. To assuring quality during infrastructure projects, numerous paper forms and five different apps were used. The idea was to create one platform for ensuring quality and maintenance: AssetCheck.



Time to start developing AssetCheck. Every two weeks, the scrum team delivered a small part of the app and management interface. This was tested by a working group consisting of various employees from the six infrastructure companies. Employees also participated in pilots. The end users are very important when developing an application.

After an intensive collaboration, the time had come: AssetCheck went live! In the new app, employees of the Infrastructure division can find all the necessary forms to ensure quality during projects. Completed forms are automatically sent to the correct location or people.

The digital platform, consisting of an app, website, and administrator system, has a professional and recognizable appearance, eliminating any confusion about the functionality of the platform. Additionally, attention was given to user-friendliness during development, making it easy for employees to adopt the platform. All of this also contributes to a quick delivery to the customer.


Replacing systems
Infra target group
Duration of project
9 months


At the moment, AssetCheck is being implemented and further developed within the division. This will allow employees to fill in forms about asset maintenance through the app soon. Furthermore, employees will be able to carry out inspections via the app in the future. This a great example of how smart technology promotes collaboration and workflow.


Mark Bruijnen — Information Manager

"Characteristics of Recognize? Open and transparent. A sense of trust was formed during the project, we were truly a team".


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