The mobile dashboard 
of the leased car.


Storyboard, architectural overview, UI/UX design, mobile app, campaign website.



With more than 25 years of experience in the international automotive sector, the Viscaal Group is one of the most reliable mobility partners. Wevi, founded in 2006, is already one of the largest business mobility partners in the Netherlands.

Wevi considers service and quality of paramount importance. To increase this service even further, Wevi knocked on Recognize’s door. How can we develop a leasing app that is scalable, future-proof, and very user-friendly?

Together with Recognize, a digitization effort was made. This resulted in a mobile application; the LeaseApp. In the LeaseApp, users can now, among other things, quickly and easily gain insight into fuel consumption, report damage or schedule a maintenance appointment.


How can we develop a leasing app that is scalable, future-proof, and very user-friendly? With this question, Wevi knocked on Recognize’s door. Wevi already had a leasing portal. This lease portal is available via the web and here lease car drivers can download important documents about the lease car but also, for example, view fines.

An important wish of Wevi is to run the new LeaseApp alongside the portal so that users can make their own choice whether they want to use the web application or the mobile application.

Through multiple interviews with Wevi, the requirements were found out and it became clear which functionalities the app should contain. By following the sprint 0 methodology, we identify the client’s wishes and requirements in a structured way.

All these findings are developed into a storyboard, architecture slab, and clickable design. During the design phase, we also paid close attention to the target audience that will use the mobile application. The lease drivers are a broad and diverse target group so usability (UI/UX) is a high priority.

Sprint 0 was completed with a final presentation. In it, the deliverables, or results, were presented to Wevi. This way the client receives a realistic picture of the required work and together we ensure that we can start developing the solution cost-efficiently!


Time to start developing the digital solution! Every two weeks, Recognize’s development team gives a (sprint) demo of the developed functionality. This way, Wevi stays well-informed and can provide immediate feedback on what has been developed.

During the development phase, we also look closely at what certain functionalities deliver and what efforts they cost to realize. In this way, we developed cost-efficiently and a lot of value could be created quickly. This also benefits the adoption of the application.

After an intensive collaboration the time had come; the LeaseApp goes live! In the LeaseApp users can now quickly and easily find a gas station nearby, report damage or schedule a maintenance appointment.

The mobile application also provides insight into fuel consumption, damage reports, fines, and documents. And of course, this is very easy to operate. And to maximize adoption even further, a campaign website has been launched. On this page, (potential) users of the LeaseApp can find information on how to use the application.

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The cooperation went smoothly. Wevi made an important contribution in terms of substantive (subject matter) knowledge and processes that enabled momentum to be built. Sometimes it was a bit of a challenge to, for example, give a good demo remotely; but due to the team’s flexibility, enthusiasm, and rapid switching in solutions, the LeaseApp has become a great success!”.

The Wevi LeaseApp now has almost 3000 users, through this digitalization Wevi can respond faster to any changes in processes than with printed booklets that are subject to obsolescence,” said Wevi. A great example of digital transformation.

Joost Bruggeman & Niels Noordam — Wevi

"Recognize goes deep into different issues and actively think along to find the right solution in them. Fun, enthusiastic and flexible team!"


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