The connector of
business and IT

Quality, creative, innovative and solution-oriented. That is Recognize in a nutshell. We help organisations devise, design and develop digital solutions. We are the IT connector. Whether in finance, sales, construction, infra, marketing or logistics, we know your business.

Our method.

At Recognize, we work in Agile teams. Not because it’s trendy, but to pick up speed, remain involved and deliver quality. Our set working process is designed around three phases: plan, build and run. So we can realise the best digital solutions for organisations.

Sprint Method
  • PLAN - Design Fase

    In order to realise the best digital solution possible, we first focus on a clear definition of the question. It is the starting point of our work and the basis for the entire joint process.

  • BUILD - Development Fase

    Your input in the development phase is essential. We do not build for our clients, but with our clients.

  • RUN - Management Fase

    Following the development phase, the big moment arrives: the digital solution goes live. During the run phase, we proactively maintain your brand-new solution.

Our disciplines.

Recognize helps organisations devise, design and develop digital solutions. Partnering with business and IT, we focus on three disciplines: digital transformation,software design & development and engineering. In practice, these disciplines are often closely interrelated. Let’s look at how that works.

Our disciplines
  • Digital Transformation

    Digitalising manual processes in companies, that’s one of the Recognize disciplines. The digitalisation of manual processes often saves companies an enormous amount of time and money.

  • Software development & Design

    Designing and developing software, the programs behind a website, app or other digital platform. Recognize knows all the ins and outs.

  • Engineering

    Setting up effective IT infrastructures. This is essential for each and every company. It ensures that data is stored quickly and safely and can be exchanged.

Work in the spotlights.

Devising, designing and developing digital solutions. That is what Recognize does. We connect business with IT. Would you like to see what we have realised for other organisations? Check out the cases that deserve to be in the spotlights.

Velloro Napoli.

User-friendly and
conversion-oriented digital
platform for luxurious,
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Configurator simplifies and accelerates
the design and production
of dormer windows


Would you like to know what we can do for you? Or is there something you can do for us? We look forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’ll be pleased to pop in and become acquainted. And of course you’re always invited to the 7th floor of the Javatoren in Almelo.