Quality, creative, innovative, and solution-oriented. That is Recognize in a nutshell. We support organizations with the conceptualization, design, and development of digital solutions. We are the connector between business and IT. Whether it’s finance, sales, construction, infrastructure, marketing, or logistics, we know how to handle it.


At Recognize, we work in Agile teams. Not because it’s trendy, but to achieve speed, maintain mutual involvement, and deliver quality. Furthermore, we have a fixed working process consisting of three phases: plan, build, and run. This way, we achieve the best digital solutions for organizations.

Sprint Method
  • PLAN - Design Phase

    In order to achieve the best digital solution, first and foremost the question must be clear. The question is our starting point and the foundation for the entire journey we embark on together.

  • BUILD - Development Phase

    During the development phase, we find your involvement important. Because we are not building for our customers, but with our customers.

  • RUN - Management Phase

    After the development phase, the moment has arrived: the digital solution is delivered. In the maintenance phase, we proactively maintain the developed solution.


Recognize assists organizations with conceiving, designing, and developing digital solutions. As a partner of business and IT, we focus on three services: digital transformation, software design and development, and engineering. In practice, these services are often closely related. We will outline how they intertwine.

Our Services
  • Digital Transformation

    Digitizing manual processes within companies. That is one of the services provided by Recognize. Digitizing manual processes can often save companies a tremendous amount of time and money.

  • Software Development & Design

    Designing and developing software. Recognize knows how to do this like no other. In short, they are the programs behind a website, app, or any other digital platform.

  • Engineering

    For every company, a well-functioning IT infrastructure is essential. It ensures that data can be stored and exchanged quickly and securely.


Designing, creating, and developing digital solutions. That’s what Recognize does. We connect business with IT. Curious about what we have achieved for other organizations? Take a look at the cases that deserve the spotlight.


Configurator simplifies
design and production of dormers.


A custom-made
3D Configurator.


Curious about what we can do for you? Or can you do something for us? Then we would love to hear from you! Feel free to call or email. We are happy to come by for a meeting. And of course, our doors on the seventh floor of the Javatoren in Almelo are always open.